16 Mac 2012

I just need some time ALONE !

“Some of us get quiet, go inside ourselves and guard against the hurt. Others run through the storm, knocking on doors looking for help… I tend to go inside. I just need a little one on one time with myself to figure some things out. i just need to be alone, i’ll be back.”

Stop, where am I?
Shock, I can’t cry
I need some space
No, this isn’t me
Oh, please let me breathe
I’ll be back sooner than you know

I’ve been blind
I hope I’ll be fine
Don’t call me back, no
Yes, I see light
Now, it’s so bright
Call my name, I’ll be me soon

NO, it’s not personal
Sorry if I’m hurting you
Please don’t give up on me now
I needed this time alone
To know I could come back home
To breathe, breathe, breathe

I need this space just like you need it
I need this time, time to clear up my mind

- “i need this” Jessie j/Chris brown


Amin Ya Rabbal A’lamin..

2 ulasan:

  1. yeah sometimes we need time for ourself..far from people.. :)

  2. salam Kiki, hw r u, hope everything is fine ya...take care,miss uuu <3


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